As always, going out with Kelly resulted in me meeting new people and, as always so far, they were very pleasant.  It was pretty entertaining and I managed to do a bit better than last time, despite getting a 1 pin-hit named after me. There were some rough patches but nothing broke down, all in all a great night. I met Katie again for the first time since high-school and we probably talked more while there than we ever did on the PVHS campus, which made me laugh. I was sad she was still feeling shaken up over certain things but Kelly swooped in and as she always so amazingly does brought a smile back. Which leads me to the best comment about the night: everyone smiled. No matter how the day began or ends now they can’t say the day passed without moments of happiness. Which, to be honest, is enough to keep me happy for a long time. I was very glad to be a part of the good time.